Vegas is BIG, it’s BRIGHT and it’s on 24/7!

In saying all of this, I was so daunted by the idea of organising Vegas because I was worried we would miss out on something, so here are some of my tips and a few things I wish I knew before we got there… (more…)



Well, you know what they say…better late than never!!
I still get so many people asking for tips on traveling America, so I’ve made it my March resolution to get some posts done about our 3 month trip around the States. This post is all about exactly where we stopped so you can plan your own USA road trip ideas! (As I continue on, each major city will have a link to a post with tips and things to see).
You can also check out my previous blog post – 20 things I wish I knew before I traveled America

Essentially we flew in to San Francisco, drove to Vegas and then flew over to the East Coast and visited Chicago, (more…)


Ahh America…the land of the free!
I’ve been a little (ok, a lot) quiet on the blog front lately because I’ve been traveling around America for the last 3 months! It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve definatly managed to tick quite a lot of bucket list items off! Needless to say, every day or 2 I get messages from people asking questions which I LOVE because I wish I had of thought to ask MORE questions to people before we left so that some things weren’t a shock…but you know what they say, you do your best learning when you’re thrown in the deep end!

Anyway, obviously I can’t cover everything in one post, there will be many to come that will cover the main areas we have been but I thought I would start off with my top 20 hints & tips, and just a few weird things in general that we have come across!
Also, some of our hints for apps to use, grocery stores to keep an eye out for etc. (more…)