travel tips


Ahh America…the land of the free!
I’ve been a little (ok, a lot) quiet on the blog front lately because I’ve been traveling around America for the last 3 months! It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve definatly managed to tick quite a lot of bucket list items off! Needless to say, every day or 2 I get messages from people asking questions which I LOVE because I wish I had of thought to ask MORE questions to people before we left so that some things weren’t a shock…but you know what they say, you do your best learning when you’re thrown in the deep end!

Anyway, obviously I can’t cover everything in one post, there will be many to come that will cover the main areas we have been but I thought I would start off with my top 20 hints & tips, and just a few weird things in general that we have come across!
Also, some of our hints for apps to use, grocery stores to keep an eye out for etc. (more…)