I love to play around and ‘secretly’ add some veggies into well, everything!! This yummy meatball mixture are literally half vegetables so they are a perfect way to add in some extra serves of vitamins (especially for the kids or partner that rolls their eyes at the look of anything healthy haha!) Super easy, super quick, organic, healthy and WAY more than enough to meal prep for every lunch this week! (more…)



With Spring only 1 day away in Australia, it’s that time of year when we start freaking out about our not-so-healthy diet choices over the Winter months. Well, the warm weather is coming and there’s nothing we can do about it – our hemlines are about to get a lot shorter and our tops a little more cropped.
With this in mind, it’s the prime time for people to jump on the detox/teatox/juice cleanse bandwagon, so let’s just start by saying that your body is a machine that is made to detoxify itself every day. This is exactly what your liver is for! Β  (more…)


I’ve been trying to mix up my lunches at work so I don’t get bored and spend way too much money on over-priced and over-processed salads. I used to love wraps before I found out I was gluten intolerant and I really haven’t found a gluten-free wrap brand that I like that’s not too processed and doesn’t have too much added sugar, so I’ve been substituting with cos-lettuce leaves! Yum! (And no carbs!) (more…)