A friend of mine recently posted an article on Facebook that I found really interesting. It talked about the importance of girls ‘lifting weights’ and the stigma attached to that. Girls ‘don’t want to get too muscly’ so the majority of us stick to cardio alone.

The article went on to explain how important weights are to improve muscle tone and achieve that lean, slender body we are all striving for. Of course the weights have to be hard to lift, you need to raise your heart rate and break a sweat…otherwise what’s the point? You will have just waisted an hour of your life doing a pointless workout at the gym!
Another interesting point it made was that a weights session improves metabolism, so much so that you can eat ‘pretty much whatever you want’ an hour or so after a workout and not put on any weight. Now, not to take that to the extreme obviously and pig out on a block of Marvellous and a Big Mac…but it’s nice to know that the ‘fear’ of carbs can be overlooked and a yummy big chicken and salad sandwich can be enjoyed, rather than feared.

Another obsession I have had for a while now is writing out my weekly goals on my Kikki K planner (pictured above). I literally can’t live without it anymore, and feel so lost if I haven’t filled out my week’s goals by Monday lunch time. I feel so much satisfaction when ticking off ‘to dos’ and of course, my days are so much more productive! It helps me make sure I get in every workout that I plan on (without skipping any!) and prompts me to drink the 2L of water I should, but hardly ever do! And those small weekly goals will eventually lead me to my bigger goals, without me even realising!

You can read the full weights article, mentioned above, here.