Hellooooooo Christmas! (wtf how is 2017 nearly over!!?)
And also a hello to lots of food, lots of drinks and LOTS of fun spent with friends & family!
Now, lets just all take a moment to appreciate all of the delicious food we have eaten over the past few days (or weeks if ya know what I mean…Christmas parties, lunches etc). One of my biggest achievements over the last 12 months has been improving my relationship with food so I want to jump right on in to my very first (and what I would consider most important of all) tip:
I’m all for a healthy diet, but I am NOT down for beating yourself up after you’ve had a binge. Guess what? We can’t be perfect all of the time! Yes, eating healthy & nourishing foods makes us feel great and gives us loads of energy to nourish our bodies and think clearly but do you know what else makes you feel great sometimes…having a night out (or in) with some friends or family and just eating whatever you feel like!! And plus, how much more do you really appreciate how yummy some of those ‘naughty’ food choices taste when you know it’s a treat. So go on girlfriend, eat that Christmas food you’ve been eyeing off, have that glass of wine…but DON’T feel bad about it and really consume it mindfully and love it while you’re having it. Tomorrow is a new day for better choices!
Now, speaking of tomorrow being a better day for new choices, let’s start the next day off with a fresh outlook on binging! Well, yesterday was delish and I yolo-ed a bit, but I’m ready to re-hydrate my body and give my body the energy I’m now lacking! Pour yourself a biiiig glass or room-temp water (cold water won’t be absorbed into the body as well) and squeeze in the juice from a full lemon and even better – a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar as well. The mother (or healthy bacteria) in the ACV will make it down to your tummy and help you to break down food easier and the lemon juice will help to alkalise the body and rid the toxins from the previous day!
Ok peeps, I don’t mean going overboard. Do not – I repeat, DO NOT create a bad relationship with exercise and feel like you have to ‘punish yourself’ with exercising extra hard the next morning to ‘cancel out’ the decisions from yesterday. Number 1 – it’s not going to work, and number 2 – you probably aren’t jumping out of bed bounding with energy. Take it slow, you just need to get your blood moving around again. Do a yoga flow or go for a walk. Anything that jumps to mind that you know will get you up and breathing in that fresh air!
Again, we aren’t punishing ourselves for yesterday’s choices. We have enjoyed them and we are also choosing to make better choices today. This includes making a nourishing breakfast featuring our fave macro-nutrients protein, carbs and healthy fats! Starting your day off hungry is only going to make you more prone to getting hangry (yes, it’s a real thing!) and possibly making a split decision later in the day to jump on top of anything that resembles food in a processed & sugar filled packet.
If there’s one thing I learnt from completing my meal plan from Annaliese (hit her up – Active with Anna, she’s the best) it’s that eating regularly is NOT a bad thing and you really CAN eat so much if you’re eating the right foods.
One of my best decisions in 2017 was getting a 6 week meal-plan from Anna. It helped me to improve my ‘scared mentality’ of food and that eating less meant weighing less and really taught me what a balances meal looks like on a plate. This also includes smaller snacks in between main meals to keep my metabolism firing and also nourishing my body with some healthy fats what I think I was really missing out on beforehand.
A full happy tummy means a full happy Ami & I actually didn’t understand the extent of my hangry-ways until I was eating more of what I really needed!
So there you have it babes…my top 5 tips for bouncing back from the Silly Season. Enjoy every single minute and cheers to 2018 being the best ever!