Anyone that knows me, know I have been super into ‘detox water’ at the moment! I have a lot of trouble remembering to drink the recommended 2L of water every day (which helps with skin elasticity, hydration and flushing out toxins) so I find these to be a fun, yummy and healthy way to drink my water!

I have a few favourite flavours that I like to make, but here is a breakdown of ingredients you can use and why they are good for you:

– Lemons boost your immune system, balances PH levels, cleanses and detoxifies and can help with weight loss. It’s a great start to your day to wake up and have a glass of warm water with half a lemon juice squeezed in (although I’m still not the biggest fan of this myself, it is super healthy!)

– Water (obviously!) balances your lymph system and glands to help fight infection. Boosts metabolism and helps you to feel fuller. Increases in the production of new blood cells

– Oranges are high in vitamin C and speeds up cell turnover

– Strawberries are high in vitamin C, helps to lighten up skin spots

– Kiwi fruit is high in vitamin E and helps with skin blemishes

– Cucumber helps to alkalise the body

– Grapefruit helps to lower cholesterol and aids the digestive system

– Blueberries lowers blood pressure, helps with short term memory, high in fibre and vitamin C

– Mint leaves add a nice flavour to your water and helps with fresh breath!

– Goji berries are super high in antioxidants, have 500 times more vitamin C than oranges, contains 18 amino acids, has more iron than steak, contains zinc and vitamins B & C (goji berries are also awesome to add in a green tea)

Some of my favourite infusions: strawberry and mint, lemon orange and cucumber, blueberry and mint, pomegranite and orange, kiwifruit and raspberry