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Hellooooooo Christmas! (wtf how is 2017 nearly over!!?)
And also a hello to lots of food, lots of drinks and LOTS of fun spent with friends & family!
Now, lets just all take a moment to appreciate all of the delicious food we have eaten over the past few days (or weeks if ya know what I mean…Christmas parties, lunches etc). One of my biggest achievements over the last 12 months has been improving my relationship with food so I want to jump right on in to my very first (and what I would consider most important of all) tip:




One of the biggest buzz words to come from 2017 (apart from turmeric and anti-inflammatory) is ‘intuitive’. Everything from intuitive living, intuitive fitness and ‘eating intuitively’.

But what does that even mean? (more…)


What are adaptogens? Why are they important? How can we incorporate more herbs and spices in our lives to benefit our bodies?

These days, life can be ‘hard’ and stressful. You may not feel stressed, but is your body telling you otherwise? Are you abnormally snappy, cranky or emotional? Do you suffer from headaches? Do you have skin rashes or itchyness? (more…)


With Spring only 1 day away in Australia, it’s that time of year when we start freaking out about our not-so-healthy diet choices over the Winter months. Well, the warm weather is coming and there’s nothing we can do about it – our hemlines are about to get a lot shorter and our tops a little more cropped.
With this in mind, it’s the prime time for people to jump on the detox/teatox/juice cleanse bandwagon, so let’s just start by saying that your body is a machine that is made to detoxify itself every day. This is exactly what your liver is for!   (more…)


How to make candles on  www.amirankin.com

I really love candles.
Since I was little, my Mum has burned tealight candles under essential oils to make the house smell lovely, and my Sister lights a candle nearly every time she walks into her room. Even if she hasn’t been in her room over the weekend, you walk in and it smells of Lotus Flowers.
I decided to see if I could give them a go myself and tried making them. I love the idea of being able to pick your own fragrance, and being able to make so many different ones yourself. I also love being able to give them as gifts, it’s something I am proud of because I made it, and I know the ‘gift recievers’ are going to really enjoy them.
I posted a picture on instagram & facebook a while back and asked if anyone would be interested in knowing how to make them also, and the response was huge! So…here we go!

What you will need:
(Left to right, clockwise) jars, scales, a saucepan (or 2 or 3 depending on how many scents you are going to make), soy wax, a spoon, a candy thermometer, scents, wicks (mine have the silver tabs already attached) and tab stickers – to stick your tab and wick to the bottom of your jar.

How to make candles on  www.amirankin.com

Measure & weigh your wax. It is a general rule that 1g or wax makes 1mL of melted wax. So, to figure out how much wax I need for each jar, I fill the jar with water and then pour that water into a measuring jug. If it holds 250mL of water, I need 250g of wax. (a little bit less is ok, because you have to allow for the scent to be added in as well)

Put the weighed wax into a saucepan and put the saucepan on your stove on high to melt and heat to 80-90 degrees. If you are only doing around 500g or less of wax, it won’t take long at all for it to melt. Be careful, because once it is melted it gets hot VERY quickly and it can pop and spit just like oil does. You need your candy thermometer to check the temterature. (Candy thermometres are made from glass and can withstand very high heats)

How to make candles on  www.amirankin.com

Once the wax has heated to around 80 degrees, turn off the heat and let it cool to 60 degrees.
While you are waiting for the wax to cool, stick the sticky tabs to the silver tabs attached to your wicks. Then, stick your wick to the middle, inside of your jar.

When the wax has cooled to 60 degrees, you can add your fragrance. Be careful not to add it before now, some scents have certain oils in them that expand or  can explode when heated too highly, usually at about 70 degrees. The normal amount of wax needed is between 6 – 10% of the whole candle. I try to stick to 10% because the maths is easier! So, a 300mL candle needs around 30mL of fragrance. A 1L candle needs 100mL of fragrance.
Note – I have found ‘garden type’ scents are perfect at 10% fragrance, but ‘sweet’ scents like vanilla, caramel, cakes etc. are quite strong so would only need 5 or 6% fragrance. It really is trial and error and you just need to use your judgement and ‘go with your nose’ haha!

How to make candles on  www.amirankin.com

Turn your oven on low, around 50-100 degrees and put the jars on a tray in the oven for about 5 mins, while you’re waiting for the now scented oil to cool down a little more. This heats up the glass so that it doesn’t crack when you pour the hot wax into the jar. Keep in mind heating the jars will also slightly melt the wax that your wick is covered in, so I don’t cut my wicks to size until after the candles have hardened overnight, otherwise the wick will fall into the jar when it is in the oven.

Now, your wax should be cooled to around 40-50 degrees, and your jars should be warm. Take your jars out of the oven and place them on a heat resistant surface. I like to place them on newspaper as well so if I spill some wax it doesn’t damage anything. Pour your wax slowly into your jar. Place your jar(s) on a flat surface, somewhere out of the way where they won’t get knocked or spilled. You need to leave them to set overnight, or for 24 hours.
Note – To keep the wick straight, I place a chopstick on either side of the wick.

Come back to your candle the next day. You can tell if it has set, because the wax will be hard and not clear anymore. I then remove the chopsticks and cut the wick about 3cm from the top of the candle.
If your candle has cooled un-evenly, you can heat the top with a hair dryer and it should smooth itself out.

 How to make candles on  www.amirankin.com

It is important to choose the right wicks, so that your candle burns evenly. If you want to use bigger jars, you need thicker wicks to ‘throw off’ more scent and burn your wax evenly.

Every candle is trial and error. I realised the first few candles that I made, my maths was wrong and I was only using about 3% scent (der!!) Don’t let it get you down if one or 2 candles don’t work. Every scent is different. I have a notebook that I have written every scent I have used, and at what percentage. After I have burned the candle, I make a note of if I think I needed to use more, or less fragrance, or if it was just right.

Don’t let ‘triple scent’ candles fool you. Yes, a lot of the popular brands of candles say they are triple scented, but after googling and reading a heap of articles on the topic, I have found out that wax is like a sponge. It will only hold a certain amount of fragrance until it can’t hold or soak in anymore and the excess floats on the top. This is just wasting your fragrance (and money), and you will probably find you don’t need to use more than around 10% anyway!

Do your research! My favourite websites are Aussie Candle Supplies and Natural Candle Supplies. Both are Australian, and both have great articles and tips and candle making. My preference is Natural Candle supplies for the scents, but that’s just me!

To make sure your candle burns evenly and doesn’t ‘pillar down the middle’ the general rule is that you need to burn your candle for at least a few hours the very first time you light it. Wax has a ‘memory’ and if you only burn your candle for an hour the first time you light it, it will only pool a small circle. Then, every time you light your candle, that is how it will burn. So, if you have a wide candle, expect to need to burn it for 3 or so hours to start off with!

Try out smaller bottles of fragrance first (30mL) , before you buy the bigger ones (100mL+). Some of the fragrances I thought sounded amazing actually smelled like old school toilet freshener when I recieved them. It’s all about the smells and scents that you like, and unfortunately the internet isn’t scratch’n’sniff just yet! So don’t read a description and think it sounds amazing and spend your money on a big bottle of it. I personally love the floral scents like Gardenia, Jasmine, Peony, French Pear and Coconut and Lime and have found them to be the most true to scent



A friend of mine recently posted an article on Facebook that I found really interesting. It talked about the importance of girls ‘lifting weights’ and the stigma attached to that. Girls ‘don’t want to get too muscly’ so the majority of us stick to cardio alone.

The article went on to explain how important weights are to improve muscle tone and achieve that lean, slender body we are all striving for. Of course the weights have to be hard to lift, you need to raise your heart rate and break a sweat…otherwise what’s the point? You will have just waisted an hour of your life doing a pointless workout at the gym!
Another interesting point it made was that a weights session improves metabolism, so much so that you can eat ‘pretty much whatever you want’ an hour or so after a workout and not put on any weight. Now, not to take that to the extreme obviously and pig out on a block of Marvellous and a Big Mac…but it’s nice to know that the ‘fear’ of carbs can be overlooked and a yummy big chicken and salad sandwich can be enjoyed, rather than feared.

Another obsession I have had for a while now is writing out my weekly goals on my Kikki K planner (pictured above). I literally can’t live without it anymore, and feel so lost if I haven’t filled out my week’s goals by Monday lunch time. I feel so much satisfaction when ticking off ‘to dos’ and of course, my days are so much more productive! It helps me make sure I get in every workout that I plan on (without skipping any!) and prompts me to drink the 2L of water I should, but hardly ever do! And those small weekly goals will eventually lead me to my bigger goals, without me even realising!

You can read the full weights article, mentioned above, here.



Anyone that knows me, know I have been super into ‘detox water’ at the moment! I have a lot of trouble remembering to drink the recommended 2L of water every day (which helps with skin elasticity, hydration and flushing out toxins) so I find these to be a fun, yummy and healthy way to drink my water!

I have a few favourite flavours that I like to make, but here is a breakdown of ingredients you can use and why they are good for you:

– Lemons boost your immune system, balances PH levels, cleanses and detoxifies and can help with weight loss. It’s a great start to your day to wake up and have a glass of warm water with half a lemon juice squeezed in (although I’m still not the biggest fan of this myself, it is super healthy!)

– Water (obviously!) balances your lymph system and glands to help fight infection. Boosts metabolism and helps you to feel fuller. Increases in the production of new blood cells

– Oranges are high in vitamin C and speeds up cell turnover

– Strawberries are high in vitamin C, helps to lighten up skin spots

– Kiwi fruit is high in vitamin E and helps with skin blemishes

– Cucumber helps to alkalise the body

– Grapefruit helps to lower cholesterol and aids the digestive system

– Blueberries lowers blood pressure, helps with short term memory, high in fibre and vitamin C

– Mint leaves add a nice flavour to your water and helps with fresh breath!

– Goji berries are super high in antioxidants, have 500 times more vitamin C than oranges, contains 18 amino acids, has more iron than steak, contains zinc and vitamins B & C (goji berries are also awesome to add in a green tea)

Some of my favourite infusions: strawberry and mint, lemon orange and cucumber, blueberry and mint, pomegranite and orange, kiwifruit and raspberry


The first post on a blog is always going to be awkward.
Like the first day of school and you take turns going around the class with an ‘about me’ of each person. So, here goes…
I’m Ami. I am 26 years old (and would be quite happy to stay 26 forever), I live on the Central Coast in NSW and have just recently sold my online clothing store, Unwritten Clothing. Unwritten was a dream of mine which I built from the ground up, in turn taking up a lot of my time. And when I say a lot of my time, I mean every waking minute. I loved it, but now that it is gone I am lost! I have so much spare time I just don’t know what to do with myself! It’s only been 2 weeks but I am really enjoying being able to focus on the ‘me’ things that I used to take for granted like working out, improving in my yoga practice, reading books, browsing on Pinterest and cooking healthy foods. I feel so free not being attached to my phone 24/7 and being able to enjoy the little things. In saying this, I feel a little hole in my heart where Unwritten was and I have grown to love getting creative with Photoshop and taking photos, so I figure why not start a blog to continue the creative aspects that I enjoy, and also as a way for me to have my favourite recipes, workouts, beauty tips and musings all in the one place!
‘Live your life with arms wide open, today is where your book begins, the rest is still Unwritten.’