Hellooooooo Christmas! (wtf how is 2017 nearly over!!?)
And also a hello to lots of food, lots of drinks and LOTS of fun spent with friends & family!
Now, lets just all take a moment to appreciate all of the delicious food we have eaten over the past few days (or weeks if ya know what I mean…Christmas parties, lunches etc). One of my biggest achievements over the last 12 months has been improving my relationship with food so I want to jump right on in to my very first (and what I would consider most important of all) tip:




One of the biggest buzz words to come from 2017 (apart from turmeric and anti-inflammatory) is ‘intuitive’. Everything from intuitive living, intuitive fitness and ‘eating intuitively’.

But what does that even mean? (more…)


Ready for a new booty workout?!
I’ve been trying to incorporate a new range of workouts and exercises to shake up my workout routines. I generally rotate between a mix of Yoga and Boxing as my faves and throw in some BBG from Kayla Itsines and Booty Challenge by Ashy Bines.ย  (more…)



A friend of mine recently posted an article on Facebook that I found really interesting. It talked about the importance of girls ‘lifting weights’ and the stigma attached to that. Girls ‘don’t want to get too muscly’ so the majority of us stick to cardio alone.

The article went on to explain how important weights are to improve muscle tone and achieve that lean, slender body we are all striving for. Of course the weights have to be hard to lift, you need to raise your heart rate and break a sweat…otherwise what’s the point? You will have just waisted an hour of your life doing a pointless workout at the gym!
Another interesting point it made was that a weights session improves metabolism, so much so that you can eat ‘pretty much whatever you want’ an hour or so after a workout and not put on any weight. Now, not to take that to the extreme obviously and pig out on a block of Marvellous and a Big Mac…but it’s nice to know that the ‘fear’ of carbs can be overlooked and a yummy big chicken and salad sandwich can be enjoyed, rather than feared.

Another obsession I have had for a while now is writing out my weekly goals on my Kikki K planner (pictured above). I literally can’t live without it anymore, and feel so lost if I haven’t filled out my week’s goals by Monday lunch time. I feel so much satisfaction when ticking off ‘to dos’ and of course, my days are so much more productive! It helps me make sure I get in every workout that I plan on (without skipping any!) and prompts me to drink the 2L of water I should, but hardly ever do! And those small weekly goals will eventually lead me to my bigger goals, without me even realising!

You can read the full weights article, mentioned above, here.



I love yoga.
A year ago I never thought I would say that. I went to a few classes with Mum and left feeling like I still needed to go for a run to work up a sweat and get a ‘proper’ workout done. I did a little research and discovered there are so many different types of yoga from one end of the scale aimed towards beginners or yogi’s who are looking for a more relaxing practice like Restoritive or Gentle Yoga to the other end of the scale for people looking for a toning, challenging practice like Power or Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Of course, any movement you do is better than none at all, so it’s really up to you to try out a few different styles and decide what suits you best. I try to exercise at least 5 days a week, but I know those 5 days can’t all be spent in the gym and your body needs variety to continually show results. This is one of the reasons why I love yoga. If I have done legs the night before and am sore the next day, it’s a great opportunity to get down on the mat and stretch it out.
I have never been overly flexible either, so it’s interesting to feel the differences in poses and stretches week to week. Although, flexibility doesn’t come overnight and as my Grandma (who used to be a yoga instructor) told me after a conversation with her about my frustration at my flexibility coming along ‘too slowly’ for my liking – ‘Don’t be dis-heartned, some people will never be able to get their feet flat on the ground in downward dog. Every body is different and It’s just practice, practice, practice.’

One of the poses I have been working on lately is headstands. It’s taken about 8 weeks to work up to it, from holding Dolphin pose for a few minutes, to practicing against a wall and now only just last week getting the hang of the second leg ‘floating up’ to meet the first, and coming away from the wall somewhat confidently. I am aiming to have it totally down pat by August/September so I can enjoy some yoga at the beach this Summer!

One of my favourite sites for classes is DoYogaWithMe they have so many classes to choose from including different styles, levels and teachers. And I enjoy their programs as well – they are good to follow, especially when I was learning, it covers everything from meditation to breathing, posture and engaging your core.

And I’m totally crushing on Sjana Earp. She has her practice down pat, and her instagram is amazing!

Now to work on my Crow Poses and Back Bends!