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Hi Everyone!

I’m Ami and I’m alllll about helping myself and YOU to make some positive choices (and sometimes changes!) in your life.
I’m on a constant journey of learning more…more about myself, about others, about food and about health, fitness and wellness.

I’ve always been a very fit and active person, but I was in a long term relationship for 13 years and it had a lot of negative impacts on my life towards the end. There was emotional abuse as well as heavy drugs involved and I took a stand and decided I did NOT want that for myself! So, I left.
Who was I when I wasn’t in this relationship?
I had grown up with this person, so much so that his habits and ways of life had rubbed off onto me and I had lost myself. I was scared, lonely, sad and stressed. All of this contributed to a lack of hunger and feeling sick to my stomach any time I would try even just a mouthful or 2 of food. I plodded on day by day and I knew things would start to get better, but in the process I lost around 10kg off my already fit frame.
People started telling me how great I looked! ‘Have you lost weight!’ ‘Wow, you look so good, this breakup has been so good for you’ ‘Babe, you have never been this skinny in your life, you should model.’
So my un-healthy obsession with food began as it was the only thing in my life of turmoil at the time that I felt like I could control.
As the months went on I loved studying food, fitness and nutrition. This word ‘wellness’ kept popping up and it sparked my interest. As my focus started to become more on what food can DO for our bodies, my life began to change. My attention was not what the scale said every day and if I had gained or lost even a few hundred grams, but what I could be nourishing my body with every day to improve my emotions, my skin, my body and my life!

I have now built a life for myself that I love. I do things that I love for ME every day and I encourage everyone to do the same! I am passionate about a healthy relationship with food and on nourishing my body from the inside out.

I am obsessed with wellness and I am teaching myself to listen to my intuition. What do I need for myself today? Not tomorrow, not yesterday, now.

I hope you can come along my journey with me and learn as I learn. I love to collaborate and catch up with like-minded people so get in contact with me any time!




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