So we all know fruit & vegetables are good for us…but there are some more than others! One that’s been on my radar the last few months is Dragon Fruit (or Pitaya) and I’ve been researching just WHY it’s so good for us and why it’s classified as a Superfood. So, here we go…

One serving of dragon fruit provides an estimated 21mg of vitamin C, which is 34% of the recommended daily value.ย This is triple the amount of Vitamin C found in carrots! But, why is Vitamin C important? Because it boosts our bodies ability to rid and flush out heavy metals and toxins that accumulate (anything from pesticides sprayed on our fruit, vegetables and grains to flouride/chlorine in our water and pollution in the air) which then helps out cells to re-build and also helps our body to cope with stress.

As well as Vitamin C, Dragon Fruit is a good source of Magnesium to increase energy levels, ย Iron to carry oxygen throughout your body, B Vitamins that our body uses to break down carbohydrates and lower our cholesterol levels, Fibre to boost metabolism and keep us regular, reduce the risk of heart disease and control blood sugar levels! Dragon Fruit also contains Phosphorous which we use for muscle growth and the repair of cells and tissues

The seeds in Dragon Fruit are also very high in essential fatty acids, so this fruit is a popular source of fats for Vegans and the like that don’t like to eat Salmon or take fish-oil tablets. These fatty acids help us to produce collagen which improves our skin’s elasticity, the bounce and shine in our hair, nice strong nails and resilient joints and muscles.

You can add some Dragon Fruit to your fruit salad today with some banana and coconut yoghurt like me, or buy it snap frozen (I love Pitaya Plus. Listen to their poscast with Kimberly Snyder to hear about the AMAZING work they do to give people in 3rd world countries jobs, and hear a lot more interesting facts about Pitaya and how they got started!) and make a delish and nutritious smoothie bowl!

I’m also really loving organic and herbal teas like the Higher Living Licourice tea pictured here to help with my digestion and sugar cravings. You can read more about Herbal Teas here…


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