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Hi! I’m Ami.

I’m a Health and Mindset Coach and I want to help you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of!
I am passionate about living a balanced, active lifestyle & helping you to create a positive relationship with your mind to reach your full potential and thrive!

Prawn, avo & feta salad

Simple, easy, nourishing & delicious! Is there anything better!? INGREDIENTS: 200g prawns Bag of baby spinach Cherry tomatoes Red capsicum 1/2 avocado Danish feta Side of sweet chilli mayo if desired METHOD: - Cook prawns in a frypan for a few minutes until browned...

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I'm VERY into my essential oils and have made a massive effort to reduce the toxic load not only on my body, but in my household as well. I had no idea where to start around a year ago when I bought my first oils, and now I pretty much have my diffuser going...

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Sticky Pork

I'm alllll about adding extra salad to dinners. More greens, more nutrients and less carbs! (Not that cabs are bad, but we don't need a big serving of them at every meal). This is a Hello Fresh meal idea. We moved house & for convenience got hello fresh for the first...

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Vegas is BIG, it's BRIGHT and it's on 24/7! In saying all of this, I was so daunted by the idea of organising Vegas because I was worried we would miss out on something, so here are some of my tips and a few things I wish I knew before we got there... IT IS HOT. Like,...

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As we began the drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas, we stopped off at Santa Cruz for a night. Yes, the town infamous for the Santa Cruz clothing & skateboard lines. We had so much fun along the Boardwalk after checking in. We walked past the Fair to the Pier and...

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San Francisco was our first and also last stop on our Summer American Road Trip as it was the airport we flew in and out of. It was so great to visit twice with 3 months in between each as the weather was so different! If you're wondering what to do in San Francisco...

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Well, you know what they say...better late than never!! I still get so many people asking for tips on traveling America, so I've made it my March resolution to get some posts done about our 3 month trip around the States. This post is all about exactly where we...

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One of the biggest buzz words to come from 2017 (apart from turmeric and anti-inflammatory) is 'intuitive'. Everything from intuitive living, intuitive fitness and 'eating intuitively'. But what does that even mean?I'm the first to put my hand up and say that I put...

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Ahh America...the land of the free! I've been a little (ok, a lot) quiet on the blog front lately because I've been traveling around America for the last 3 months! It's been an amazing experience and I've definatly managed to tick quite a lot of bucket list items off!...

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Omg you guys this is actually amazing!! I'm getting a little bit sick of chocolate protein as I've had a bit of an overload the past few months, so this is a refreshing change away from the standard 'berries, spinach and chocolate' smoothies. A delicious, protein and...

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