I’m VERY into my essential oils and have made a massive effort to reduce the toxic load not only on my body, but in my household as well.
I had no idea where to start around a year ago when I bought my first oils, and now I pretty much have my diffuser going permanently at my house to help with anything from lifting the mood, feeling more balanced & grounded and even helping me to get to sleep (and stay asleep!)

So, I thought why not share some of my favourite oils and how I use them!

My number one is lavender.

Probably because it is SO versatile. It helps with sleep, headaches, tension, anxiety and even calms skin sensitivity. All of which I need a hand with!

I can feel quite overwhelmed and anxious at times when I’ve got a lot on my plate, so as well as putting all of my Coaching knowledge to good use and applying it to my own life, I incorporate essential oils into my days as well. If I can feel the tension rising I mix some with coconut oil and rub it on my chest before I meditate or do some yoga. If I am feeling agitated before bed I mix it in my diffuser with frankincense and vetiver. When my psoriasis flares up I use a roller bottle with lavender, copaiba and geranium. And when I have a headache I use my roller bottle of lavender and peppermint on my temples before I meditate or focus on my breath for a few minutes.

There is literally SO many uses, but these are my favourites!

If you would like more info on how to order Doterra essential oils for yourself with a wholesale discount, contact me!