Simple, easy, nourishing & delicious! Is there anything better!?

200g prawns
Bag of baby spinach
Cherry tomatoes
Red capsicum
1/2 avocado
Danish feta
Side of sweet chilli mayo if desired

– Cook prawns in a frypan for a few minutes until browned (in garlic if you’re lot following a low FODMAP diet)
– Literally throw everything together! I’m not fussy with amounts, just whatever I’m feeling like on the day.

I like to put everything in a large salad bowl and then mix the avocado and a small amount of feta through with my hands to coat the ingredients

I follow a low FODMAP diet while my gut is recovering from IBS, so I have a small amount of feta which means it’s low lactose. I also can’t tolerate fructans at the moment, so garlic is out for me, but if you can tolerate it you can fry up the prawns in some coconut or olive oil and garlic for a little more flavour!

I add a little side of flavoured mayo, but it’s also not 100% necessary. The fetta and avo mixed through makes the salad creamy even without a dressing.
If you’re looking for a more low-cal dressing you can drizzle olive oil and lime juice over and mix through with your hands too and skip the mayo all together!