YOU GUYS I have discovered maple coconut almonds!!

They are in the nut section at Coles, but I can’t find an ingredients list so wanted to make my own, cleaner version so I know what ingredients I am eating! I have a massive sweet tooth, but keep in mind these do have maple syrup so are still high in sugar…practice portion control!

A big scoop of almonds
Pure maple syrup to taste
Shredded coconut to taste

I’m not big on measurements, I cook a lot by taste – so I put the almonds in a small bowl, poured over about 1/2 cup of maple syrup, shook coconut through & stirred until all was coated. I taste-tested an almond and added some more maple syrup and then laid them all out flat on a baking tray.
Bake on a low heat for around 10 mins until fragrant and browned (be careful because if you take your eye off nuts when cooking they can go from golden brown to burned within 30 seconds, especially when covered in sugar!)
Let sit to dry and then store in a container. I like to split between containers so they are portion controlled from the start…otherwise they will all be gone in 1 sitting!!