I love overnight oats! (the organic kind, obvi! Read more about why it’s SO important to eat organic grains here) they are so easy to get a good dose of nutritious carbs, healthy fats and protein for a nourishing meal!
I’m also going to be a little controversial and say I don’t reeeeeally eat overnight oats as a breakfast meal like most people do, but I will explain why & the effects on your body and hormones after the recipe, just in case there are people reading that just want the recipe already!
1/2 cup organic oats (I like Bills organic oats or Woolworths Macro oats)
3/4 cup coconut milk (I love coco-quench from Coles, but you can use any milk you like or even water!)
1 scoop of your fav protein powder.  (I’ve been using the Arbonne vegan daily boost pea, rice & cranberry protein in everything lately…it’s vegan, gf and tasteless so I mix it into my muffins, pancakes and even my daily green juice! You can purchase yours from Simone, just email her: simonerankin1@hotmail.com )
1 tablespoon chia seeds
A sprinkle of organic cinnamon (organic cinnamon is un-processed and helps our body to regulate our insulin levels. If you’re interested, read below the recipe for more info)
Plus any toppings of your choice!
Put all ingredients in a small container or glass jar (I use a 250ml jar), stir and refrigerate overnight
I like to put my toppings on just before I eat. You can try a berry compote (recipe coming tomorrow for my sugar free version!) with a tablespoon of 2 of gluten free granola. Chopped apple and almonds (baked for a yummy apple pie flavour!) Banana and peanut butter. Cacao nut butter and strawberries…so many options!!
Ok, so this is just a personal preference for me. There are 2 main reasons.
1) Oats are obviously high in carbs which gets broken down into glucose and spikes our insulin levels. If your insulin in spiked early in the morning, you will find yourself craving sugar during the day. Read more in a moment!
2)  I work in an office job, sitting down for 8 hours a day and also commuting at least an hour to and from work. I don’t have the nutritional requirements to need a lot of carbs to fuel me during the day as I won’t burn them off. Because I get up at 5am for work already, I’m not going to get up earlier to fit in a workout, so I do my workouts after work!
Our body has a ‘level’ of glucose it can store. Once it’s reached that level the glucose gets stored as fat. It also spikes your insulin levels to try and bring that glucose down, which as mentioned above, then causes us to be craving sugar for the rest of the day because we are craving that insulin spike again.
(Want a high-protein pancake recipe for an alternative breakfast? Get my recipe here!)
Don’t worry…oats can be incorporated into a healthy, nourishing diet in a few easy steps! The reason I add in chia seeds and protein powder is so that the carbs are digested slower as now it’s not just a high carb meal but also a high protein meal. Protein helps our muscles to repair themselves. I also add in coconut milk for healthy fats and there you have a macro-nurtient rich meal all ready to go in a little jar!
Oats are high in fibre and beta-caroten which helps keep our heart healthy and our bowel movements regular.
Oats lower our cortisol levels, so this is perfect for a post-workout meal! A high intensity or heavy weight session causes stress to the body which elevates cortisol levels. Carbs help to stop cortisol being generated.
Oats also help to raise our melatonin levels, which is our sleep hormone. For me, overnight oats are perfect to have for dinner as I workout straight after work. I will head to the gym for a hot yoga class followed by a boxing or weights session. This is now the optimal time frame to consume carbs while our metabolism is firing after a good workout, plus the perfect timing to start to release my melatonin and get me ready for bed!
Cinnamon is one of the best spices we can add to our diets every day! It is so beneficial for our circulation and blood sugar levels!
Cinnamon lowers our blood sugar levels, which is perfect for lowering our sugar cravings. It also raises our HDL (or ‘good’) cholesterol and helps to lower our LDL cholesterol.
Cinnamon is great for increasing circulation, which is perfect if you find that you are always feeling cold, if you want lovely healthy hair and can even help with conditions such as arthritis